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Our founder has over 30 years of experience in the technology sector and is well-versed in it, providing special insight and innovation. Working closely with experienced LSV rental companies, the local law enforcement and property management professionals, Rentals Reimagined is prepared to fundamentally change the rental market.

Renting has been revolutionized with the emergence of online business, allowing customers the ability to book an LSV rental 24 hours a day, without having to wait in line. Utilizing the Ridewise system, you can now combine ease of renting with advanced technology features to keep you safe and further enjoy your rental experience.  Combined with our rental partners, you’ll always have a customer support team available for you. We pride ourselves in having made it easier than ever to reserve your LSV from the comfort of your own home while providing you a safe and incredible experience.


To be the leading Low-Speed Vehicle industry technology solution for rental management..

Accelerate Your Rental Business and Move Mobility Forward With Us! At Ridewise by Rentals Reimagined, our vision is to revolutionize the cart rental industry. We strive to make transportation a more enjoyable and stress-free experience for those looking to rent a cart. Through our state-of-the-art crux mobile application, users will have the ability to quickly and easily make reservations and access various features to their convenience. We are committed to providing customers with a comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable ride every time. Rentals Reimagined is a company that consistently prioritizes safety customer satisfaction and innovation and aims to revolutionize the cart rental industry.


To create a leading rental reservation and vehicle management technology solutions company that decreases liability, increases safety and provides an incredible customer experience.

At Ridewise Rentals Reimagined, our mission is to revolutionize the vehicle rental industry with innovative solutions that promote safe and efficient mobility. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of rental reservation and vehicle management technology so that we can best serve our customers by providing a superior user experience and a reliable platform for managing their rental carts. By utilizing our cutting-edge technology, we seek to reduce potential liability and increase safety for our customers, providing them a service that puts their safety and convenience first. Beyond that, We strive to create an exceptional customer experience that goes above and beyond expectations. Together, we will work to create a safe and reliable future for the cart rental industry.



We are united with our community to create a safer and more manageable rental experience.

Customer Centric

We focus on increasing safety, reducing liability, and providing an industry changing customer experience.


We pursue the creation of the very best by harnessing diversity and varying viewpoints

Integrity And Sincerity

We earn the trust for the Rentals Reimagined brand through ethical and responsible conduct.

We gain the confidence of the Rentals Reimagined name through acting with integrity and sincerity.

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Our Team

At Ridewise Rentals, we take customer service seriously and work hard to make renting easy. We believe that a team’s success is defined by its performance as a whole. That’s why we strive to provide an exceptional experience for our customers.

Stuart Shaffer –

With an entrepreneur spirit, a passion for technology and first-hand experience (as a homeowner) in golf cart (LSV) rental management, I recognized the need for a reservation and vehicle management solution……

Joshua Walker,
JD – Legal Counsel

Advises the business on legal matters and ensures..” and “examines and develops

Aiden Shaffer –

Aiden, with his eclectic background in the realm of IT, brings a rare blend of competencies to our team. He is charged with the upkeep of our mobile application and is also responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of new features, designed to augment the user experience. His technical acuity enables him to furnish our clients with a rental process that is commodious.


Become the trusted and recommended technology solution for the Florida Panhandle rental market.

We envision a future in which Ridewise Rentals Reimagined will be the leading provider of technology-driven rental solutions in the Florida Panhandle. By leveraging the latest technology solutions, we will develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of the rental market and its customers. Our commitment is to make rental services both practical and enjoyable for all.

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Over 30 years of technology industry experience, Ridewise founder is deeply immersed in the technology industry offering unique insight and innovation. Ridewise Rental Cart Leveraging strategic partnerships with those rooted in the vacation Rental Industry including property management and recreational vehicle rentals, Rentals Reimagined is ready disrupt the rental industry.

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Rent A Cart Of Your

We have a large selection of high-quality rental carts so we can satisfy everyone’s needs. In order to have a different rental cart for each occasion and event, you can choose from our large selection of rental carts. You will automatically see the huge assortment of carts available while searching for rentals on the mobile application. You can also submit a request if you’re looking for a certain cart that isn’t listed on our application. You may be sure that you will be taken care of if you opt to rent a cart from us.

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